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Install as many sub-meters as you require per property, whilst retaining your Council or Eskom meter to pay for your main supply.  
Meters can be installed by us or any technically competent person according to wiring codes.  Top Meters registered meters must be installed after or
down-stream of a Council/Eskom meter (either prepaid or monthly account.)


Our meters are installed as a secondary meter inside the property, typically at the mains distribution board (DB BOX.)The prepaid meter does not interfere with or impair the operation of the primary meter.

The meter has a keypad and special encryption security. When a tenant purchases prepaid electricity, we generate a numeric token based on a given tariff rate. This token is entered into the meter and credits the meter which in turn lets the tenant use a predetermined amount of electricity. When the meter credit runs low it alarms the tenant to go and purchase more tokens. The tenant must replenish his meter by buying more tokens and loading it on he’s own meter. In failure to do this, the meter will switch off the electricity supply to the tenant.


Top Meters offers the most flexibility to tenants in purchasing their recharge tokens:

Purchase at Stores

Purchase at Vending Kiosk

Purchase with Credit Card

Purchase at Bank Deposit

Purchase Online

Purchase from Landlord

Purchase with Mobile Phone

Purchase by EFT

Purchase at Petrol Stations

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