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Automated Unipin Vending System

The pre-payment meters are registered on a Unipin system.

This enable the tenant to buy electricity 24/7 from any Unipin vendor (Pick N Pay, Spar, Nedbank, ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Engen, Caltex, Total, Shell, BP, Unipin and online Prepaid 24.)

All the funds accumulated during the previously month will be transferred into the Landlord/Council or Managing Agents account on the 1st or 2nd of every month, including a detailed statement.

The prepaid rate is adjusted according to the municipal tariff charge.

Call Centre open 07h00-21h00 0861242355

SMS-43471 or unipin PIN number and meter number (24/7).

Benefits of a Unipin Vending System

Body Corporate / Managing Agents / Landlords

All tenants pay for electricity in advance (no outstanding bills)

Improve cash flow  /  Less meter readings  /  Reduced Administration  /  Less billing Errors /

Better Tarrif Maintenance /  Better kWh control

Prepaid meters can be installed in individual units or in centralized locations (locked up)

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Clear tamper codes will be issued to landlord ONLY during working hours.